Moontower is a team comprised of folks with both design smarts and construction backgrounds; we embrace a neighborly collaborative spirit to guide a holistic process to identify the potential of your property and organize a plan to achieve your goals.

Frank Farkash AIA

Co Founder

Born in the Big D, Frank has a knack for analogies and puns in addition to drawing and building. Frank and Greg met at UT School of Architecture and have collaborated on as many projects together as possible. Whether its a floor plan, rendering, napkin sketch, custom fence, party invite, house or food trailer with robotic service (pet project) Frank prefers to create at the intersection of design and construction.

Maggie McIntosh AIA


A native Carolinian, Maggie came to Texas for her Masters in Architecture at UT Austin and pickled jalepeños.  She is incredibly talented and easily switches between her two roles as Designer and Builder on a variety of projects.  Her attention to detail and creativity come through at every level – putting pen to paper, making a model, working on site with a reclaimed material or updating a client on progress – How can one person do it all? Simply ask Maggie.

Amber Dudley


Amber came to Moontower looking for a change – we were the Goldilocks company, just right!  Moontower had the right balance of build to design and a down to earth approach that reflects her own personality: matter of fact, inquisitive, fun, dedicated and respectful.  Learning neighborhoods by name and organizing working drawings and desktops with equal zeal are making her an invaluable part of the Moontower team. New for 2015; Amber is now a registered Architect

Eric Hahn

Project Manager

Eric and Maggie are friends from way back and Eric had been a Moontower fan long before he was able to come aboard!  The builder-businessman-outdoorsman, Eric’s MBA and his years of experience as a carpenter and construction manager make him versatile in our office and on job sites.  His friendly approach and attention to detail are on display all across town previously with PSW and Acero Construction and now with the Moontower team.

David Mosser

Project Manager

David is an only child and son of a Methodist preacher. Born in the south and raised in the midwest, David grew up loving to draw which led him to pursue a Bachelor’s of Architecture from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. In 2009, on a whim, he decided to move to Austin to start his professional career. He quickly felt that the southern hospitality mixed with progressive ideology made Austin a good fit for him. He loves being hands on which is why he ended up being on the building side rather than the design side of the business. Although he loves all things design build, he truly feels like he is musician and cat lady at heart. When he is not hard at work at a Moontower job site, you can find him making music, gardening, building a chicken coop or at the movies.

Greg Esparza

Co Founder

Greg, is a descendent of the only Mexican defender of the Alamo.  He started his career in Austin’s non-profit community, organizing events to raise awareness for affordable housing, the master plan of Austin, and most recently the Hope Farmer’s Market in East Austin.  Now Greg is participating at all parts in the design build process – initial site visits, estimating, design, business administration and project management.

Jeff Hartman

General Superintendent

Jeff, the resident fishing and construction specialist, relocated to Austin from Seattle. His “nobody’s a stranger” attitude and positive construction site charm found happy home in the friendly state. Working on large commercial projects and extremely high end trim and residential jobs in Seattle provided a rich build expertise to support our construction endeavors.  You can find Jeff at numerous job sites through the course of the year boosting our quality control.

Jessica Cain


Originally from Florida, Jessica has a great sense of composition and graphic organization that famously made her resume/portfolio a favorite around our office. After completing her Rural Studio thesis project she set her sights on Austin and Moontower was lucky enough to catch her eye. Her gentle southern charm and up for anything attitude make her a great addition to the Moontower family.

Chase Seal

Project Manager

Chase, a Texan from McAllen, is an artist and was a Prince of Produce in a former life. Providing a lot of comic relief in addition to expanding his renaissance approach to learning as many aspects of construction as possible, Chase provides invaluable on site assistance across Moontower’s projects.  His background in painting and homeownership have allowed him to learn the art of construction quickly and his thoughtful attitude make him a great team member.

Merrow Hart

Project Manager

“Mo” known from St. Croix to 5th Avenue, where she attended Parsons, embodies the art + construction balance of our company. Her compassion for people and puppies is matched by her love of craft and her green Toyota Tacoma (which she shipped to the mainland after years toting custom scrolled filagree, countless bags of cement and her cadre of tools restoring historic island homes). She’s a great team mate; quick to share Yoga knowledge or trade thoughts about Rick Sanchez. Fun fact, she was the front runner of a band. Mo and her boyfriend Joe have been great friends to add to the mix of characters on the Moontower ship..

Jeff Munoz

Co Founder

Jeff, a Houston native, came to Moontower looking for a new career in Austin.  He and Frank first worked together framing a roof in Westlake – a great way to orient oneself to the Austin skyline.  Jeff uses his degree in Biochemistry from Rice University on a daily basis, making the rest of us feel a little less tenacious and intelligent when he waxes poetic about viscosity and lubricating our nail guns.

Witt Featherston

Architect and Developer

Born and raised an Austinite, Witt went to architecture school with Greg and Frank and was actually part of Moontower’s very first construction project back in 2008! After almost 6 years with the U.S. Navy’s Seabees, and then getting his masters in real estate development at MIT, Witt came back home to Moontower in 2017. He’s a registered architect and LEED AP. In his spare time he likes to find interesting places to spend the night, like behind a pile of rocks in southern Utah, or a jail in Tijuana.

Jessica Painter


Jessica, who originally dreamed of running a zoo one day, took a turn towards architecture at the University of Texas School of Architecture’s undergrad program.  This Houstonian finally settled on Austin after traveling as far as Stuttgart Germany and the Galapagos Islands. Her skills as a visual artist and her eager, respectful and enthusiastic approach to the Design Build model have been invaluable while with Moontower.

Liz Whitlock

Project Manager and Designer

A Rural Studio graduate, Liz joined Moontower to help grow our construction management team specifically – her well rounded approach and friendly personality have made her a warm addition to the team! Her design experience is a huge asset to our detail oriented clients.  Anyone with the patience to manage her 5 dogs and a home-brew laboratory has a temperament perfect for the unpredictability of the construction site.