Anna’s Corona Street Patio

Anna, you’re kinda like Moontower’s first sweetheart – your friends had a great experience working with us on their master suite and you kind of sent us a valentine – it read – “Hey Moontower, I just met you, and this is craaaaazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe?!  Lucky for us you picked up and now you have a quintessential Moontower outdoor living space.  Often for us the things that make our spaces successful are the ideas and passion the clients brings to the table – Anna, thanks for your energy and vision!  Anna found a great home in the neighborhood just North of the Mueler re-development – that was really well taken care – so much so that there was an original super cool looking stationary ornamental wooden screen adjacent to a ho-hum 36” tall gate leading to her back yard between her front door and storage shed adjacent to her carport.  The simple design of offset squares was made entirely of 2x material, creative use of something ubiquitous, there’s so many great ideas in the homes of Austin.  What was behind the screen door was “the problem” a  very low and very crooked and very dark covered patio – you know, where old washing machines go to die – or be filled with broken Christmas lights (note-this was not what she had on the patio, she was making the most of it, but you know how some of those crazy sheds in the backyard can get sometimes).

The Moontower solution – raise the roof – seriously.

But that’s not all Maggie McIntosh designed an even better and bigger screen inspired by the preserved detail Anna loved so much.  The big ornamental screen incorporates the original detail into the new patio structure and also makes for great shadows on the table by day and out into the chocolate lab inhabited yard at night – fireflies are all thats missing ladies and gentlemen.  Another unique part of the project was the hybrid construction of wood and light gauge steel enabling the re-imagined patio to be filled with more light and allow for breezes to whip up and out of the covered patio on hot summer nights.


Design and Construction by Moontower
Photography ©Moontower