Studio for Loving

Courtney Loving Sames is a photographer, philosopher, plant eater and pleasant person – or phreaking awesome.  Alliteration is absolutely annoying.  So, let’s get back to talking normally.  Courtney approached Moontower with 2 goals – an overall vision of a major addition or end-game vision of her Travis Heights property as well as a short term desire for a detached work space.  After a brief period of research at the city and possibility wrangling we were able to present a maximum build out scenario that included an addition for her primary residence with an allocation of enough available build-able square feet for an accessory building to serve as an on site office or studio space.  We got the green light on a simple gabled structure with large but economical windows and doors sheltered by generous eaves under a corrugated metal roof.  The siding is a concrete panel chosen for its durability and affordability but punctuated with vertical battens to mimic some of the older Travis Heights houses she fawns over while traversing the terrain on either side of East Side Drive.  Courtney’s eye for awesome antiques or other unique finds led her to a stamped concrete tile hecho in mexico that we were able to use in her half bath as well as the patio at the entrance to the studio.  We used an abstraction of the tile pattern to create an ornamental steel gate to the back yard alongside a full vehicle-sized gate allowing the occasional visiting classic car to be parked securely in back OR in the most generous circumstances having a big open door to her backyard for entertaining in her transformed outdoor living/dining space – fences? we don’t need no stinking fences!



Design by Moontower
Construction by Moontower
Photography Mark Richardson | Frank Farkash
Martin Fry
Charlie Alvarado
Mike Magness
Leo Trujillo
James Fitzgerald
DeRuiter Insulation
Ledesma Brothers
Didion Electrical Services
Crystal Plumbing
East Side Lumber
Stock Building Supply
Brockett Hamilton
Bryan Crowell
Jef Page