Hyde Park Backyard Overhaul

Outdoor spaces are sacred to Austinites; side yards are for bags boards, backyard dining areas for gathering loved ones for celebratory meals, and porches for sharing a few drinks and laughs with whomever happens to be passing through. Jeff and Libby came to Moontower with hopes of accommodating these activities in the backyard of their beautiful Hyde Park home. With little Ivy approaching three and brand new Rye on the way home from the hospital, they were in need of some additional living space and FAST! Priority number one was adding shade; with few trees near the rear of the house their existing deck was uncomfortably hot and bug-ridden most of the year. After a little negotiation with the City of Austin (talk about tight building restrictions on this one!) we were able to implement our new plan featuring a comfortable screened porch, gravel dining area, and some sleek steel garden planters. Simple color and material palettes, use of standard size lumber to minimize cutting and construction waste, and a creative reconfiguration of stock screen doors as operable porch screens tie this intelligently simple design together.