Lone Oak Remodel

Mollie and Matt contacted us looking to renovate the kitchen in their recently purchased Travis Heights home. We found the outdated kitchen to be not only unsightly but also the focal point of an inefficient spatial relationship between the kitchen, dining, living and outdoor living areas; we clearly had our work cut out for us.


The existing house was comprised of two halves: private spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, office) and public spaces (dining room, kitchen, living area and outdoor living area). Together with Matt and Mollie, we prioritized the public spaces, opening the living, dining, kitchen and even entry to each other while maintaining privacy and separation where necessary. This re-organization, guided by an open concept goal, also employed changes in the ceiling plane to create a special contrast between the kitchen and dining room providing welcome headroom in the low slung ranch style house.  Underfoot a new concrete topping was used to unify the public spaces, making them feel more connected while dramatically improving the existing worn slab.


During the build it became clear the spaces would feel luminous with light walls, countertop, floors and the warm wood of the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen especially is much brighter and more contemporary than before.  A vivid blue was introduced in some of the custom millwork to compliment the hints of brass seen in select light fixtures, door and cabinet hardware.


The private half of the house also received an upgrade with new windows and lighting; as always new paint went a long way too! The construction process was a lot of fun with these two, special thanks to Matt, Mollie and Rufus the cat for putting up with the extra noise and dust!  We are so happy with the results!


Photography: Bill Sallans
Framing and Drywall: Boban Brothers
Millwork: Sawdust LLC