Shoalwood Kitchen

Small houses are pretty awesome, you often utilize the same space for multiple functions.  Take Rick and Marisol for instance.  They had a kitchen, utility room, pantry, breakfast table and utility closet all in the same 100sf of space… the rhythm of the washing machine certainly does aide in chopping carrots when your cutting board is attached to the lid of your machine.  But when you love to cook and wash clothes at the same time, maybe let the dog in from the backyard while your kid is close at hand on the computer – doing all of that in the same space can get pretty cumbersome.  Enter Moontower.  Maggie and Frank had some very creative solutions to allow for all of these activities to get along and play nice in a modest, light filled addition, Maggie’s attention to detail really shines here in the panel layout and backsplash details.

We have a lot of team favorites in this space, I’ll enumerate:

  • new wood floors seamlessly integrated with old
  • contemporary pattern of plywood wall panels
  • control joints to hide effects of settling in clay rich soil neighborhood
  • interior windows between utility room and kitchen
  • full light frosted pantry door
  • frosted, back-lit glass backsplash

Best part though – very happy clients – in a space we made.

PS – Jeff and Maggie bonus points for installing insulation together – team building at its best.


Design by Moontower
Construction by Moontower
Photography ©Michael Hsu
Zach Larkins of Giant Painting
Charlie Alvarado
Tony DeLeon
Crystal Plumbing
Terra Tile
Rex Niles