Westwood Terrace Reno

Brian and Claudine were running out of space and were in need of some house-help. Their 3/2 ranch house in Westlake was short a bedroom and bathroom for their growing family.  Their youngest daughter and two sons’ before school morning ritual was chaos with the boys sharing a room and all three children piling over one another in one bathroom. Not to mention mom and dad packed into a modest, aging master suite.

The key to success was in a not-so-great garage conversion to a den… the house had plenty of square feet because of this long ago addition but many of the spaces were segmented and all were pinned in by a central wall that totally divided the flow of the house.

The new plan: claim the large den for a master suite and open up the main living/dining spaces of the house. This time, we refined the design with Lindsey of Play House to achieve a totally cohesive project that fits the Vaneks like a 4/3 ranch house glove. The collaboration worked so well, we ended up joining forces full time.

For more details check out the family’s take on the process on Houzz.



HVAC: Morgan Air
Plumbing: Crystal Plumbing
Electrical: Didion Electrical
Floor Stain: Concrete Blonde
Counters: DS Surfaces

Special thanks to:
Norman Moore Cabinetry
Tim Palmer
Ledesma Brothers
Antonio Madrid

Photography: Erik Fossum