what.it.is creative

what.it.is creative is a full-service branding and interactive design studio located in the heart of downtown Austin.

Sometimes you just.get.lucky

That’s what we thought when we met Ben and Adam at what.it.is creative.  The duo had been working with Eva Schone on a very cool custom trophy website that she was showing Moontower partner, Greg Esparza one day and Greg was able to hook up with them to work on graphics and web content for the Hope Farmers markets or some other awesome event that Greg was planning on the side.  He does that kind of stuff.  N.E.Way Ben and Adam are super awesome guys making graphics and websites that look great and work well.  They came to us with a fantastic nook of an office space in the shadow of the Capital on Brazos St. (if the sun shone from the north).  Masonry walls and exposed ceiling joists were the primary features of merit in the space – but not much else appealed to the visually astute emerging maestros.  So, the Moontower wrecking crew came in and removed anything unessential or ugly and opened the spaces to provide a more collaborative working environment for the young company and seriously upgrade the finishes with some new flooring and spare white painted everything else.  A custom ordered full light, frosted door and an interior window to bring light into a previously black hole space rounded out the scope of work.

These guys and a former client both showed us this super cool thermostat around this time – drool worthy.  Need some awesome graphic design or a website, call these guys, and ask them to turn on the AC with their iphone while you visit their office.


Design by What.it.is
Construction by Moontower
Photography © What.it.is
Ledesma Brothers
Modern Electric
Charlie Alvarado
Lauren Kochavi
Moontower wrecking crew —- yo