Dan & Julia’s Crafty Addition

A book loving family of four,  Dan, Julia and their two daughters were looking to add on to and rearrange their three bedroom, one bathroom home to suit their unique needs for places to study, rest, play, and hide and go seek.  A generous lot allowed for a addition to the north of the house connecting to the middle bedroom/den, and the design process, while initially motivated by the need for a more spacious and private master bedroom and bathroom, evolved to focus around Dan & Julia distinct desires for home offices.

Dan, a Minnesotan Medievalist, craved a cozy, wood paneled room with a nook for his reading chair and ample space for books, and, Julia, an American Studies professor with a focus on history of progressive children’s literature, imagined a bright and airy space with plenty of shelf and desk space where she could peacefully focus on her latest project.   What resulted was an addition with two offices, one upstairs, one downstairs, that were animated very differently by the presence of the connecting stair–Dan’s reading nook nestled under the stair and Julia’s office defined by a custom bookshelf stair rail that gave her plenty of storage down low and a sense of spaciousness above.  A generous corridor with large windows on both sides serves as the transitional space between the addition and the original house as well as impromptu yoga room.  The master suite extends from the end of the corridor towards the street creating a sense of separation from the original house which was remodeled to create a variety of family rooms and utility spaces including a small “office” for the girls, an entry hall with storage for shoes and jackets, a mud room, a new linen closet, an improved great room that reused an original window that had to be removed to connect to the addition.  A palette of local and reclaimed wood provide prominent accents throughout the house including pecan flooring in the addition, barn doors faced with reclaimed pine flooring, reused solid wood doors from the original house, and shiplap paneling that was reclaimed during remodel.

Special Thanks to Charlie Alvarado, Zach Larkins, Brockett Hamilton, Bryan Crowell, Eastside Lumber & Decking, Clement’s Paint, Allen Phillips, Rex Niles, Delta Millworks, Lucas Glider, and Stephen King.


Design and Construction by Moontower
Photography ©Michael Hsu
Charlie Alvarado
Zach Larkins
Brockett Hamilton
Eastside Lumber & Decking
Clement’s Paint
Crystal Plumbing
Didion Electrical Services
Delta Millwork
Maldonado’s Concrete
Allen Phillips