Ground Up

From residential additions, backyard studios, to brand new houses, ground up construction projects are an opportunity to create spaces that are precisely tuned to our clients’ wants. Building a new structure presents the possibility of speaking to the context of the neighborhood and site in a different way or redefining an outdoor space through the relationship with an existing house.

Outdoor Living

Here in Austin, front porches, screened decks, and thoughtfully appointed backyards are a great places to be, and, at Moontower, we like to think that we’re experts in imagining spaces for al fresco dinners, backyard competitive sports, and even naps on the porch swing.


Often, the things that we love about an old house are intertwined with parts that we wish we could change and renovations are an attempt take these elements and rearrange them into a house that fits our clients’ lifestyles and provide a thoughtful reminder of the history of the structure.