Stanwood Remodel

North Shoal Creek

Nothing says deadline like my water broke!  Just kidding y’all, but seriously Moontower took up the challenge of completing a 1100 sq.ft. addition before an expecting mother could become a mom!  Sad to say an existing cast iron drain under the 1960’s slab had other plans for us – but we weren’t too far off after the baby arrived that things were way better than back to normal at Jake and Anne’s house!  They had a spacious master suite, new kitchen, living room, dining room, and guest bath all designed by Carina Coel of Restructure Studio and lovingly assembled by yours truly, the men and women collaborating on Moontower projects.

Moontower meets an interior

Interior Remodel Phase I

South Austin, Bouldin Creek

John and Heather were recommended to Moontower by fellow Designer and builder Adrienne Perlman.  Adrienne had developed a number of floor plan options that excited John and Heather to renovate their recently purchased home in the aesthetically collaged Bouldin Creek neighborhood.  John and Heather must have been feeling adventurous to hire Moontower because Jeff and Frank had a pretty modest handfull of gigs to tout as their collective experience in remodeling.  And we didn’t dissapoint, the Moontower adventure began with an upbeat daily ritual of homeowners leaving but greeting carpenters and tradespeople as they arrived for work respectively.

It was a ton of fun working with the whole family, including Hamilton, the hypoallergenic dog, who liked to inspect (pee on) anything he thought wasn’t up to snuff.

Favorable discoveries, like the oak flooring under the carpet made for some very good improvements to the initial trajectory.

A tight floor plan made for an inspired but compact bathroom that glows with excellent travertine tile work, soft cool wall colors and a frosted film window providing ample, flattering, diffused light.  The master closet also a thesis of efficiency was tailored by Maxwell’s Custom Closets – a home run in terms of speed of execution and value for well made, wall-hung, custom closet millwork.


Design by Adrienne Perlman and Moontower
Construction Moontower
Photography © Jonathan Edwards and Jessica Garmon